How to Get Rid of Japanese Knotweed

According to UK experts, the Japanese Knotweed has the unenviable reputation of being the most invasive and destructive plant in the UK. Originally imported into the UK as an ornamental plant for use in landscaping, the plant is now regarded as a most persistent garden weed.

This is because the Japanese Knotweed is almost impossible to eliminate using methods that work with other weeds. It is amazingly fast at colonizing land and is so resilient that it has been known to survive burning.
This plant has a negative impact on home-owners ability to sell their properties or borrow money on them.

Because the Knotweed’s extensive and powerful roots can even damage concrete. Additionally, its spread into wildlife is illegal and homeowners who allow the weed spread from their home into neighbour’s properties may be subject to an Anti-Social Behaviour Order.

Controlling and Eradicating Japanese Knotweed

What Does Not work

Digging it Up: Experience has shown that the Knotweed needs just one fragment of its root to spread to new areas. So merely trying to dig it up could spread it.

Do Not Cut The Plant: The Knotweed propagates itself through its stems as well as its root; a small trimming falling to the ground can quickly take root and grow.

Do Not Burn It: Japanese Knotweeds can survive a fire. If you intend to burn it, the remains from the fire must deposit in a licensed landfill.

What Works

For the best results, combine at least two of these methods.

Chemical Treatment: Using glyphosate herbicide is an effective method for removing this weed. But one treatment of herbicides will not remove the weed because its roots may be too large and buried very deep in the ground.

Smothering: Using tarpaulins and old carpets that you spread over the plants, you can smother them. Using this approach, you must have very large tarpaulins or carpets, making sure that the plant shoots cannot push through their overlapping edges.

Soil Excavation: Dig up the roots of the plant and evacuate them along with the soil to landfills that are licensed for that purpose.

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